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Tax Payment Options

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1) In Person

2 King St East, St.-Charles, Ontario

We are open from 9:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday

by cheque, cash or interac

2) By Mail

Mailing address
Municipality of St.-Charles
PO Box 70
St. Charles, Ontario P0M 2W0

by cheque or money order made payable to The Municipality of St.-Charles

3) Internet Banking

You must add the Municipality of St.-Charles as payee

After you have selected “ST CHARLES TAXES, MUN OF” you must enter your account number which is your roll number, being the roll number found on your tax bill. If you have more than one property (roll number) you will need to enter multiple accounts.

Finally, please verify the due dates, as Internet banking systems have cut off times for same day processing. For example, if your bank has a cut off time of 8:30pm, any payments made after that time will only credit our account on the next day, and you risk that interest may be charged to your account.

Please note that internet banking is available for:

Caisse PopulaireCorporation of the Municipality of St-Charles – Taxes Bank of MontrealST.CHARLES-TAXCIBC PayeeST. CHARLES (MUN OF) TAXScotia Bank PayeeCORP MUN DE ST CHARLES TAXESRoyal Bank PayeeMUNICIPALITY ST-CHARLES-TAXESTD Canada Trust PayeeST-Charles (Municipality of) Taxes

When adding as a payee for individual banks please put in exactly as shown above as they are case sensitive.

Also be sure to enter your complete Roll # 520400000******0000

4) Pre-Authorized Payment

If you would like to participate in our Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) plan, please fill out the agreement (below). You can either print, sign and mail it to the Municipal office or you can print, sign, scan and e-mail to [email protected]. Please make sure that if you are choosing the monthly installments that you indicate if you would like your payment to be withdrawn on the 1st, 15 or 30th of each month. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the Treasury Department.

Online Application for Pre-Authorized Payment Form (PAP)

Downloadable Pre-Authorized Payment Form PAP

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