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The Treasure of Country Living

‘Where quality family lifestyle abounds amongst natures finest assets’

The Municipality of St.-Charles boasts the natural beauty of the West Arm of Lake Nipissing and Lake Nepewassi. Year after year, thousands of tourists come for the great fishing, hunting and ecological attractions found throughout this quaint rural municipality.

The first settlers to arrive in St.-Charles were from Quebec and Eastern Ontario. These settlers were attracted by promises of readily available large parcels of good farmland. Today, agriculture has become a secondary activity for many farmers. Our close proximity to Sudbury, North Bay, Sturgeon Falls and clear highway driving makes it possible for residents to work in the city while still enjoying the benefits of life in the country.

St.-Charles is home to a population of 1,282, but sees a significant increase during the warmer months. Many seasonal residents and visitors settle in our trailer parks, lodges and cottages along the shores of Lake Nepewassi and of course, the ever popular West Arm of Lake Nipissing.

The Municipality of St.-Charles has maintained a modest but steady rate of population growth over the years, and in fact ranks among one of the few municipalities in Northern Ontario to have experienced a population growth from 1996 to 2001. Perhaps it is the allure of a bilingual (francophone 46%) population, the family spirit, the numerous community services, or simply the ideal environment for raising a young family.

Whatever the reasons may be for the increased population, residents of St.-Charles have always been proud of its history (dating back to 1883), and continue to be optimistic about its future.

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