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Purchase of Interment Rights

Single Grave (4' x 8')

Total$350.00Care & Maintenance$250.00General$200.00

Cremated remains plot (2’ x 2’)

Total$150.00Care & Maintenance$60.00General$90.00

Interment Charges

Cremation$100.00*Single grave$300.00*Single grave with outer container$450.00*

*A $50.00 surcharge will be charged on ALL weekend interments.


Transfer of Interment Rights$10.00

Monument Installation Charges

Flat marker measuring less than 173 square inches$0.00Flat marker measuring 16” x 16” (at least 173 square inches)$50.00Upright monument measuring up to 4 feet in height or width$100.00Upright monument measuring over 4 feet in height or width$200.00

Built By Sofa Communications