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Municipal Office
Tel: (705) 867-2032

Fees for Fire Permits

Burning Permits are required for any clearing or brush burning.
Permits are not required for camp fires.


Yearly Pass*$100.00 (HST included)Daily Pass * Four consecutive (4) days maximum$25.00 per day (HST included)

View BY-LAW 2022-38



No Fire Permits will be issued while a Fire Ban is effect.

All Fire Permits already issued are suspended until the Fire Ban is lifted.

    The Corporation of the Municipality of St.-Charles Open-Air Burning Permit

    (Pursuant to Open-Air By-Law 2022-38)

    The authority granted to the permit holder, by the issuance of this permit, and subject to the limitation thereof and subject also to the terms and conditions herein, this permit is issued to:

    All open-air burning and consumer fireworks regulations are located in the municipal By-Law. It is your responsibility to follow the regulations.

    • I the undersigned, make an application for an Open-Air Burning Permit, pursuant to By-Law 2022-38.

    • I confirm that the material to be burned and the conditions under which the burn will take place meet the requirements outlined in By-Law 2022-38.

    • I assume full responsibility for any damage caused directly or indirectly by an uncontrolled fire and waive all claims against The Corporation of the Municipality of St. Charles (and the St. Charles Fire Department) and agree to save the above harmless against all claim which may be brought because of damages caused by a fire permit pursuant to By-Law 2022-38.

    • I agree to pay any penalty or fee levied by St.-Charles Fire Department in connection with a violation of By-Law 2022-38 and/or the costs to extinguish.

    • An Open-Air Burning Permit may be canceled or suspended at any time by the Chief Fire Official or his/her designate and immediately upon receiving notice of such cancellation or suspension, the permit holder shall extinguish any fire started under the permit.

    Information regarding open air burning can be viewed at www.stcharlesontario.ca under services in the By-Law folder or by contacting the Fire Chief at 705-867-0949.

    As per Open-Air Burning By-Law 2022-38:

    • No person(s) or owner(s) of land shall: Set fire or permit the setting of a fire or having set or permitted the setting of a fire, permit any fire to burn outdoors during the fire season outside of a Restricted Fire Zone for any purpose other than cooking or obtaining warmth, except under the authority of an Open-Air burning permit issued by the Municipality.

    • Between April 1 st and October 31 st Open-Air Burning must occur between 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

    • Campfires are limited in size to 24”x24”x24”, anything larger requires an Open-Air Burning Permit.

    • Clean, paint/stain/chemical-free wood should be used, waste is not to be burned.

    • Fires should not produce excessive amounts of, nor noxious smelling smoke to create a nuisance to neighbors or obstruct visibility on any roadway. Fires on municipal property must have prior approval.

    • Fire must be a minimum of 15’ (for fires under 1 cubic meter) or 50’ (for fires over 1 cubic meter) from structures, property lines, trees, hydro lines, or other combustible material. Ensure you have a means of extinguishment immediately available and do not burn in high wind conditions.

    • The Fire Chief or designate has the absolute authority to order the extinguishment of any fire in contravention to this permit/by-law.

    • A paper or electronic copy of this permit must be on-site and available for inspection by the Fire Chief or Designate upon request.

    • Fees and Fines are found attached to By-Law 2022-38.

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